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Element Maritime is an integrated dry-bulk shipping provider with focus on Supramax and Panamax vessels in the North Atlantic.

Established in July 2017 in Geneva, Element Maritime is a chartering, shipping and transport service provider concentrating in the dry-bulk segment. Element Maritime specializes in providing third-party costumers with innovative, cost effective shipping solutions which ultimately allow them to enhance their business needs.

Element Maritime is a fully integrated dry-bulk operator managing the full scope of shipping related activities. Starting from the most competitive freight sale negotiation, down to the optimal vessel chartering for their cargo in a flexible timely manner, whilst our operations department  handles all the pre and post-fixture aspects of the voyage in order to close the circle reliably. Most importantly, generating the greatest added value to their bottom line.

Our entrepreneurial style allows us to rapidly adjust to the maritime industry constant changes whether it is through the increasing market volatility or the macro economic environment. In order to tackle all these factors in the shipping industry Element Maritime carries out a diligent risk management model. This is the answer why we find a growing number of companies choosing Element Maritime as their partner of choice for their shipping solutions.

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Chartering & Operations

Since inception, Element Maritime has been trading with major charterers and ship owners.
Element Maritime’s main activities on the chartering and operations side are as follows:

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Providing the most competitive freight rates for our customers

icon Chartering

Chartering of dry bulk carriers for the carriage of commodities

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Scheduling and planning of shipments

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Handling the entire vessel operations process
(24/7 around the clock)

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Bunkering of our time charter fleet

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Precise laytime calculations for the voyages

Risk Management

At Element Maritime we work daily with a “hawk’s eye” on our risk model.

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Hedging our market exposure via the use of freight derivatives (FFA’s)

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Hedging our fuel exposure via the use of brent futures and fuel swaps

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Accurate and realistic freight voyage calculations

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Predicting and estimating weather related factors that can affect the performance of our vessels at sea

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Operational excellence and experience from our dedicated vessel operator

Our Values

Element Maritime’s daily operations are tightly linked to our corporate values, ensuring business is conducted with the highest integrity and ethical standards.

Element acknowledges that its reputation is strongly influenced by compliance with these values and is committed to preserving them everyday.

Our fundamental corporate values are broken down into the following categories :

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Icon Partnership


Icon Employees


Icon Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Icon Social Environmental conscience

Environmental conscience

Icon Social Environmental Integrity


Element Maritime
67 Rue du Rhône
1207 Geneva
+41 22 552 24 67

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